Ductable Air Conditioners

General duct type air-conditioners are engineered to deliver consistently powerful cooling even at high ambient temperatures. Besides the thermo sensor in the remote control lets you work in comfort at all times irrespective of the temperature outside. In fact, the sensors can be installed at various locations in your office to suit your specific needs. The temperature control is made easy by the automatic remote control.

The next level technology

The General duct type air-conditioners come in a wide range to your every need, be it 18,000 to 60,000 BTU specs. The ultra thin indoor unit specially designed for low ceilings. The units can be either hung from the ceiling or directly anchored to the ceilings. The flexibility is endless.

Automatic air flow adjustment
Program timer
Auto restart
Weekly timer
  • Sensor
  • Weekly timer
  • Committed

Thermo sensor in the remote controller offers new amenity space. Because the remote controller has a switching function, the user can select the sensor position.(Room temperature sensor selection)

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WSchedule bar display makes confirmation of the operation time easy. The power can be switched ON/OFF even during timer setting. Operation flexibility has been enhanced